The FC.SIX has a brushed aluminium panel and gives you control of six fans. Designed to accommodate six 20W fans with speed control down to Zero RPM.
product code: AK-FC-08BKV2
Brushed aluminium panel gives you control of three fans using temperature monitoring. Designed to accommodate three 30W fans with speed control down to Zero RPM. The VFD display has an off sleep mode.
product code: AK-FC-07BK
All In One 2
Take control of your system
Stylish control panel for 5.25" PC bay with colour LCD screen. Provides 5-slot card reader, 3-fan automatic or manual controller and 7-port easy access connections. Available in silver or black.
product code: AK-ALL02-BK / AK-ALL02-SL
All In One
Multi function panel
Mulit function 5.25" panel, 4-slot memory card reader, 9-port I/O access, 2-fan manual and automatic control. Available in black, red, silver and white.
product code: AK-ALL-01RD / AK-ALL-01SL / AK-ALL-01BK / AK-ALL-01WH
Fan Control PRO
5.25” fan speed control panel
Multi-mode panel with four fans speed controller and four temperature sensors. Seven backlight colours LCD display and five changeable fascia panels ensure perfect match with any system.
product code: AK-FC-03
Fan Control Junior
3.5” fan speed control panel
Aluminium fan controller for 3.5" bay, provides manual speed control for 3 fans and 2 easy access USB ports. Available in black and silver.
product code: AK-FC-06BK / AK-FC06SL

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