SATA cable for slimline opticals
Mini SATA to SATA data and power internal cable, designed for Slimline SATA DVD, Blu-Ray and compatible 1.8” SATA /SSD drives, length: 20cm
product code: AK-CB050
eSATA adapter
SATA motherboard to eSATA PCI backplate adapter. Adds eSATA data port to the system.
product code: eSATA-45-EX
Blue-UV SATA cable adapter
4pin PSU molex to 15pin SATA power. Provides additional SATA power connector. Blue UV reactive cable sleeve and connectors.
product code: SATA2-20-PW
4pin Molex to dual SATA adapter
Single 4pin PSU molex to two 15pin SATA power. Provides two additional SATA power connectors.
product code: AK-CBPW01-30
Adaptador Molex 4 pinos para SATA power
Molex 4 pinos PSU para SATA power 15 pinos. Adiciona um conector SATA power.
product code: SATA-20-PW
SATA data & power adapter
External SATA data and power adapter with 2 panels designed for 3.5" PC bay or rear PCI backplate. Provides external connection for SATA HDD.
product code: SATA-EX-BLUV
IDE PATA to SATA converter
HDD data interface converter. Enables IDE PATA hard drives connection to SATA motherboard header. 40pin IDE PATA to 7pin SATA.
product code: SATA-HDDC

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