Freedom Force
Live to overclock
High performance cooling with quad heatpipe technology. White LED dual fan cooler providing great visual effects. Compatible with 3 mounting diamentions. Live to overclock, join the Freedom Force.
product code: AK-VC05
Vortexx Neo
Cool Blue VGA Cooler
High performance heatsink with blue-UV cover and blue-LED fan provide exceptional cooling and ultimate look. Smart airflow cools GPU, RAM, VRM and extracts hot air from the chassis.
product code: AK-VC03-BLUV
Performance heatpipe VGA cooler
Heatpipe VGA cooler utilizes new akasa design vortexx fan. Large copper base, two U-shaped heatpipes and bonded aluminium fins provide exceptional cooling up to 8 times quieter than VGA stock coolers.
product code: AK-VC02-RD
Quiet VGA cooler
Designed for entry level ATI & NVIDIA graphic cards AK-VC-01 is a hi-efficiency VGA cooler utilising direct contact fin technology and 70mm ultra quiet fan. Revive your VGA card and improve the graphics performance!
product code: AK-VC01-CC
VGA RAM Heatsinks
Ten aluminium VGA memory cooling heatsinks ideal for 12 x 12 mm RAM chips. Kit includes self-adhesive tape for easy installation.
product code: AK-VMC01-BK

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